Very Metal Friday Night Rewind: New Motörhead Video For ‘Heartbreaker’, Nirvana Gets R&R Hall Of Fame Nom, And Help Save Seattle Institution, Scarecrow Video

Motörhead’s brand new video for ‘Heartbreaker’.

Friday has arrived again, and that means there’s a lot of metal stuff to jaw about. Speaking of metal, it’s been quite the week for one of the most metal bands ever, Motörhead. As previously reported on this blog, the band premiered their new album, Aftershock this week, and today a new video for the first single, Heartbreaker is kicking the Internet’s ass. If you’re curious as to how good Motörhead’s 21st studio record is (for the record, the bands never made a bad one), head on over to Destroy the Brain to read the 800 or so words I wrote about it.

Also, tomorrow is the big Movies About Girls Halloween spectacular, the “Bonerween” podcast! Your favorite gang of teenage losers will be Skyping LIVE video tomorrow at 6:00 PM ET (3:00 PM PT), and without a doubt, antics and shenanigans will be in full effect! In addition to hipping you to all the crazy news of late, we’ll also run down out top picks for new DVD/Blu-Ray releases, and play another round of That’s Not A Real Band Name, Is It?, curated by yours truly. Then we’ll share our collective thoughts on 1973’s, Invasion of the Bee Girls. Don’t miss a minute!

Lastly, some sad news was recently brought to my attention regarding the potential closure of Scarecrow Video here in Seattle. You might already know that tomorrow is National Independent Video Store Day, and Scarecrow needs your help. If you’re in the neighborhood, drop by Scarecrow and spend some money, buy a tee-shirt, a video, a sweet cinematic inspired toy or, get this, a record. Like all Indie video stores, Scarecrow has seen a huge decline in business over the last six years, and unless things improve, the store may close it’s doors.

I’ve lived in Seattle for 14 years, and I’ve been renting from Scarecrow’s immense collection of hard-t0-find flicks since landing here. Like many people in this town, not only can I not imagine a future that doesn’t have Scarecrow in it, I refuse to. So please, if it’s been a while since you’ve been in, drop in tomorrow, and then make it part of your routine going forward. So that ten years from now, it’s doors are still open, and the people who work there (some who have been there for over a decade) can continue to share their passion for cinema, with all of us for years to come.

Now, here’s all the metal stuff that happened last week…

Another reason to love Japan: The Super-Spicy Chili Tomatoman meat bun at Circle K Sunkus convenience stores, made in honor of KISS’s upcoming tour of Japan. Must be seen to be believed. Dangerous Minds

Speaking of KISS, the band has once again been nominated for entrance into the Rock & Roll HOF in 2014, along with Nirvana, the Replacements, and N.W.A, among others. I’m just going to copy/paste the first sentence and reuse it when the 2015 nominees are announced.  LA Times.

What did Lowell, Massachusetts ever do to deserve this? Anti Music

The delusions of Dave Mustaine, part a million. Blabbermouth

Speaking of delusional douches, here’s a video of Glenn Danzig telling his fans to beat up one of his fans. Noisey

Metal band Holy Grail leave their singer stranded at Starbucks. Metal Injection

Get obliterated by the new High on Fire track, The Hive, then download it for free motherf*cker. Pitchfork

Once you’re done moshing around the living room, stream the new Melvins track, Dr. Mule. The PRP

Then finish off your very metal dance party with a new track & free download from Ghost, Secular Haze. Loudwire

Slayer sunglasses. That is all. The Quietus

Must see new NSFL video from The White Mandingos (aka, Bad Brains) What you Waitin’ On. Ego Trip Land



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