Very Metal Friday Night Rewind: Lemmy Gets Warning From Mikkey, Rob Halford Imortalized On The Simpsons, And Meet Dave,The $2,000 Dollar Beer

Vintage Lemmy commercial for Equity and Law has me and Mikkey Dee confused.

Since I’m off to see “Can’t Look Away“, over at EMP later today, we’re just gonna jump right into VMFNR! Viva La weekend!

Mikkey Dee puts Lemmy on notice after Lemmy says his recent health scares were “nothing”. Classic Rock Magazine

“Dave”, the $2000 craft beer. Huff Po

Rob Halford to become the latest metal icon to be featured on The Simpsons. Metal Hammer UK

Upcoming Slayer album will feature one last piece by Jeff Hanneman. Horns Up Rock

Massive Y&T CD set will contain six full albums and rare B-sides. Sleaze Roxx

Do this now! Stream the entire new Red Fang album, Whales and Leeches. Pitchfork

Then do this! Stream the new Pearl Jam album, Lightening Bolt, over at iTunes. Vulture

And then, do this! Stream the new Monster Magnet while reading about the bands acid trips. Noisey.

Ghost is recording album of covers. Metal Sucks

Marilyn Manson in “normal guy drag” is even scarier than Marilyn Manson in aging goth drag. Dlisted

Death Metal Band or IKEA? Dangerous Minds

Rolling Stones fan says he was making a bomb for Keith Richards. NBC

RIP Jan Kuehnemund of Vixen. Blabbermouth

Kerry King of Slayer has put out a “hangover free” whiskey called Coldcock. In other news, meh. Metal Injection

Every wanted to hear how Paul Stanley of KISS lost his virginity. Yeah, me either. Ultimate Classic Rock

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