Very Metal Friday Night Rewind: Brian May Wants Keef To Play Freddie? Jam With Kurt Cobain’s Hologram, And John Carpenter’s Halloween Soundtrack Pressed On Vinyl For The First Time

Promo for WNUF’s Halloween Special, 1987. Preceded by a commercial for Heavy Metal cassette comp, “Feel the Steel”. It’s not real, but it is a real faux-found footage film just out on DVD/VHS that must be seen. More here.

Robert Plant says he’s unearthed new, previously unreleased Led Zeppelin music. Ultimate Classic Rock

Ever wanted to jam with a hologram of Kurt Cobain? Yeah, I’m not sure either. Like it or not, that’s what’s happening at the new Rock Hologram Museum of London.

Pearl Jam’s Lightning Bolt hit’s #1 on Billboard.

Ace Frehley and Peter Criss jam together for the first time in 13 years. Revolver

Brian May says he wants Keith Richards or Bob Dylan to play Freddy Mercury in the new Queen movie. Classic Rock Magazine

Mondo will be releasing the original soundtrack to Halloween on vinyl, on Halloween, for the first time ever. Some issues of the double Gatefold LP will also contain orange vinyl. Squeal! Dread Central

And now for your moment of Zen – Heavy Metal yoga is a thing. Metal Injection

So in other words, it’s never, ever, ever, going to happen. But it if happens, it happens. Metal Hammer UK

If you’re out of Methadone today, just watch this new video from Black Sabbath for Loner. Youtube

And if you’re not out of Methadone yet, you might want to take some now because Danzig and Doyle have recorded a new song that Danzig describes as “bizarre”, and “weird”. Bloody Disgusting

And you’re going to need all your drugs to get through this video of Oderus Urungus of Gwar reading Goodnight Moon. Metal Sucks

But I think this guy shared all your drugs with his tattoo artist. Because there is no other explanation for this Iron Maiden tattoo of Eddie. Ugliest Tattoos

Now is a good time to download two new tracks from Phil Anselmo and the Illegals new 10″. The PRP

Now that you’re primed and ready, listen to another new track from Phil Anselmo and the Illegals, Ugly Mug. Metal Insider

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