It’s Just A F*cking T-Shirt! Vintage Venom Tee From Zayre


Growing up in Massachusetts as I did, trips to the one of the original big box discount stores, Zayre were exciting. The stores were expansive, and always a hot mess with bins of stuff all over the place. Bins full of underpants, trucker hats, and pantyhose. And it was THE place to get your Halloween costume. True to their motto, Zayre really did “have it all”. But like all great things, Zayre is no more.

So imagine my surprise when I found this Zayre brand Venom t-shirt over at Dfunkd. I mean, what in the heavy metal hell? Now, I totally bought t-shirts from Zayre, but they were always the iron-on, parent-approved variety. Who knew Zayre was so secretly metal?

Anyway, this vintage piece of very metal history will run you $689, and bragging rights to say, “I GOT IT AT ZAYRE!”.

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