It’s Just A F*cking T-Shirt! The New York Dolls Edition

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Today’s spendy t-shirt comes to you from glitter rockers, the New York Dolls. If you have been in the market for a sweet vintage tee from 1973, well, you missed out when this one went on sale yesterday for an HOUR at $999 off it’s original price of $4,999.  This shirt would have been selling for about $5 or $10 bucks back during the Dolls tour in support of their debut self-titled record. A tour they kicked off in one of my favorite old stomping grounds, The Orpehum Theater in Downtown Boston.


And if you’re a fan of the Dolls, you’re also probably a fan of dearly departed Dolls guitarist, adorable junkie, Johnny Thunders. My pals over at Dfunkd have this 1984 Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers tour shirt up for sale for $4,599.

If that price tag is giving your wallet a stroke, there’s also one up for grabs on Ebay for $3,199. Which I guess means that junkie business really does pay, it’s just too bad Johnny can’t get the paychecks sent to him in hell.






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