It’s Just A F*cking T-Shirt! The $13,000 RUN-D.M.C. Tee Edition


The t-shirt freaks over at DFunkd Vintage T-Shirt Collective hit me up on Twitter last week, after the debut of a new weekly post here at, “It’s Just A F*cking T-Shirt – How to Go Broke, One Vintage T-Shirt at a Time“. The collective prides themselves in hunting down true vintage tee’s, so you don’t have to. Being a t-shirt freak myself, I was pretty impressed with DFunkd old-school inventory.  And then, I saw the object of today’s post; a $13,000 RUN-D.M.C. My Adidas t-shirt.

According to DFunkd, the shirt was originally offered for sale in the early 2000s, and was acquired secretly in 2011 by Dfunkd in order to carry on its exorbitant pricing tradition. Although DFunkd won’t elaborate on the shirts mythology, they did say that it has a rich history, hence the-rent-is-too-damn-high price tag. It’s the only thing you should be wearing when you go stomping on pimps with diamond rings.

Huge thanks to DFunkd for doing what they do, and giving me enough material to fill this weekly post for MONTHS. Word.

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