It’s Just A F*cking T-Shirt! Move Over Run D.M.C. – Meet The $13,000 Vintage 1969 Led Zeppelin Shirt


The seller of this super-spendy shirt says that it’s a promo from Led Zeppelin’s 1969 tour, the year the band released their first record. It was only the second time the band had toured the US, and there’s a photo of Robert Plant wearing a red Zeppelin tee from the Atlanta Pop Festival in the spring of ’69 over at Led, but the logo is different.

Anyway, the truly mystifying thing about this shirt is that it’s been up for sale for some time for $20,000 (!), but the seller (who has a tight track record when it comes to sales of vintage clothing), has knocked $7,000 off the price, making it the second t-shirt I’ve featured in this weekly post clocking in at a cool $13,000. Yikes.

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