Glenn Danzig Bagging On ‘Bullshit’ Sinead O’Connor And Other Musicians On Dutch TV In 1995

This interview with a cranky Glenn Dangiz on Dutch TV, was done at the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf, on June 5th, 1995, shortly after Danzig had performed. Right off the bat, the interviewer tells Danzig that he had heard that he was a “really big Sinead O’Connor fan”. Danzig smirks and say “no” he’s not because he “doesn’t like bullshit”. Then he goes on to bag on O’Connor, and pretty much every other band performing at the festival, except for his good buddy, Henry Rollins. Things go downhill fast from there.

In an attempt to recover the interview, the Dutch TV guy tells Danzig that he things it’s great that Pinkpop is so “open minded” when it comes to the diversity of bands playing the festival. Its now clear that Danzig’s comments have made Dutch TV guy sad. So, in hopes of better understanding what kind of monster would ever hate Sinead O’Connor so much, Dutch TV guy musters the courage to ask Glenn what he thinks is wrong with “the other nice and sincere bands”, playing the festival. Ten seconds later, Glenn threatens to end the interview, and gets all New Jersey on Dutch TV guy. The three minute video is vintage metal gold.

Also, to put Danzig’s original bitchy comments in context, and to his credit, the Dave Matthews Band, and Hootie and the Blowfish both played the festival that year. But so did Faith No More, Biohazard, Sick of it All, Bad Religion, and Shane MacGowen and the Popes. So you do the math.

I must however give two devil horns up to Danzig’s performance of Dirty Black Summer from the festival, that directly follows the cringe-y interview. It’s Glenn at his angry best.

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4 Responses to Glenn Danzig Bagging On ‘Bullshit’ Sinead O’Connor And Other Musicians On Dutch TV In 1995

  1. He looked so much taller in 1995.

  2. Carrying all that cat litter can really weigh a Danzig down.

  3. mcspreader'fits as the

    Glenn shou’d’ve left the ‘Fits as the enigma it was meant to be. ‘What’s 138?’
    He’s now a joke like a Vladimir Putin muscle rock star.
    un peut fifi

  4. There’s definately a great deal to know about this topic.

    I love all of the points you have made.

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