Very Metal Friday Night Update: TMI Time With Al Jourgensen, Prince Joins Twitter, And Alex Chilton Covers Johnny Cash

Lamour! Where Heavy Metal comes alive! As long as it’s still 1985.

Hey there Friday! Glad you could make it. It’s been a pretty crazy day so far, and I’m glad that the blog finally came back to life after jumping off the roof due to a huge spike in traffic (thanks Dangerous Minds!).

In other good news, the Movies About Girls will return to being a LIVE show tomorrow! Check out all the antics, f*ck-ups, and laffs as your favorite group of zanies triumphantly take over the airwaves and take on the campy greatness that is Sleepaway Camp II. Don’t miss a minute! The show starts tomorrow at 6:00 PM ET right here!

Now, here’s everything metal that happened last week…

The always demure Al Jourgensen on sucking dick, booze, and sticking stuff up his butt. Blabbermouth

Ever wanted to hear Glenn Danzig and Cherie Curry take on Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra? Yeah, I’m not sure either but here it is. Danzig-Verotik

But I am sure you want to listen to the new Stormzone track, Three Kings. Who knew Ireland was so metal? Stormzone1 on Youtube

Speaking of being sure of stuff, if you do only one thing today (besides read my blog), make sure you listen to the new track from Yoko Ono featuring Mike D and Ad Rock, Bad Dancer. Stereogum

Nine incredible never-before-seen photos Johnny Cash. HuffPo

Speaking of Johnny Cash, listen to this rare 1997 recording of Alex Chilton performing Cash’s classic anthem, I Walk the Line. Consequence of Sound


Geezer Butler says this will be Black Sabbath’s last tour. Southtown Star

Now you can harass Prince about his ticket prices being to damn high on Twitter. Prince3RDEYEGIRL

Amazing must-read on the harder side of the Boston music scene. Pitchfork

Heroin is a hell of a drug; William S. Burroughs endorsing Mr. Peanut for Mayor in 1974. The Wandrlustr

In honor of what would have been Charles Bukowski’s 93rd birthday today, here’s a cake with a picture of Charles Bukowski on it. Flickr

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