Very Metal Friday Night Update: The Best $600 Ever Spent On Anything, Meano Throws Bottle At Buzzo, And Queen With A Side Of Quiche – Whole Foods Opens On-Site Record Store In WeHo

Testify! A compilation of the best Christian metal from the 80’s. I guess Stryper wasn’t church-y enough in 1988.

Goodbye week from hell, and hello Friday! There’s loads of metal related happenings to report, but before I get to that, if you missed Movies About Girls triumphant return to the live airwaves (episode #172), click here to see how it all went down. MAG has official gone meta as going forward, the show will broadcast live on Youtube. Upcoming show dates are August 31st (Hold Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me), September 7th (Get Christie Love), and our annual Back to School Special on September 21st.

Also, make sure you check me out over at horror movie loving blog, Destroy the Brain!

Now, onto all the metal stuff that happened this week…

Massive Box Set celebrates the history of Glam Rock. Classic Rock Magazine

Speaking of celebrating, watch this bride and groom shred down the isle during their wedding. Daily Motion

The apocalypse is nigh: Whole Foods in West Hollywood has a record store now. LA Weekly

Speaking of the apocalypse…Classic Rock Magazine

How to keep a band together for 30 years by the Melvins. Metal Sucks

Speaking of the Melvins, who throws a bottle at Buzzo? Stay classy, Vancouver. Blabbermouth

More heavy metal video awesomeness from Heaven’s Basement, Heartbreaking Son of a Bitch. Youtube

Speaking of things that are awesome, check out the new track from Kim Gordan’s new band, Body/Head, Actress. Pitchfork

The best $600 bucks Sub Pop ever spent; the label publishes it’s original contract with Nirvana. Dangerous Minds

Stoner doom at it’s stoney-ist; Richmond band Windhand and their new track Orchid. NPR

Whitey McConnaughty strikes again! AKA: The new video from Portland’s Lord Dying is fucking awesome. Gun Shy Assassin


High on Fire are getting in on the heavy metal beer game. Metal Injection

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