Very Metal Friday Night Update: Death Metal In Angola, Mark Lanegan Covers The Twilight Singers, And All I Want For Christmas Is A Wu-Tang Sweater

Iron McMaiden 4-EVA!

Just a few tidbits before we get to all the metal stuff that happened this week. Movies About Girls episode #173 will be live tomorrow at 3:00 PM ET. Make sure you don’t miss a minute of our shenanigans over at our Youtube chanel. I’ve also got a lot going on over at horror/cult movie blog, Destroy the Brain, and even more cool stuff coming in September and beyond. I can’t give you any details right now, but I can promise that you’re going to dig it. So stay tuned.

Lastly, I’ll be off at Bumbershoot all weekend so, posts will be slowish. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and don’t forget to come back alive.

Death Metal Angola, a new documentary that followed the efforts to stage the first ever national rock/death metal concert in Angola, made it’s premiere in NY yesterday. Loudwire

Two words: WU-TANG CLAN CHRISTMAS SWEATER! Consequence of Sound

Here’s Mark Lanegan’s flawless cover of the Twilight Singers track, Deepest Shade. Alternative Nation

The entire new NIN record, Hesitation Marks, is streaming. Metal Sucks

Listen to the new ass-whooping track from Red Fang, Blood Like Cream. Spin

It’s a really good day for your ears! Here’s a new track from Alice in Chains, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. Classic Rock Magazine

It’s also a good day for your eyes! Check out the new video for Polygon of Eyes, from Austin band, Scorpion Child. Metal Injection

Black Metal missed connection on Craigslist. Metal Sucks

Speaking of love, watch RuPaul give relationship advice to Henry Rollins while driving around LA. Stereogum

Ozzy almost burned down his house (again) while making a sandwich. Ultimate Classic Rock

Seattle metal band Shadow (Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, Rick and Chris Friel), released 30 year old material on 7″ this week, and it instantly sold out. Check out their live performance at Easy Street Records from Tuesday. Youtube

Ted Nugent’s wife got arrested for bringing a gun to an airport. But all I want to know is was she screaming “from my cold dead hands” when they took her gun away? ABC News

Star Drunks. A short film written by a bunch of people while they were drunk, and staring actors that were also drunk during filming. How did I not get a gig somewhere in there? Dangerous Minds



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