Today’s Motörhead Update: Phil Campbell Confirms That Lemmy Is “Still Alive”

After Brazilian site Top Link Music reported that Lemmy had died, causing many metal loving tweeters to freak the f*ck out, Phil Campbell took to his own Twitter, and thankfully debunked Lemmy’s demise with the following tweet:

Metal Shock Finland posted an image of the screenshot from Top Link Music, that prematurely eulogized Lemmy on August 4th. And for the legions of Motörhead’s fans across the world, the news rattled their already shaky nerves after the band cut their set short at Wacken this weekend, because Lemmy’s was unable to continue the performance. Campbell’s tweet is the first time that Motörhead’s inner sanctum has commented on the current state of Lemmy’s condition since Wacken. And thankfully, for now, it’s good news.

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