Slayer Grafitti Reported As Hate Crime, Heavy Metal Loving Cop Sets The Record Straight


A place called Commack Patch in New York got a little more interesting after some angst-y graffiti made it’s way to a wall in a Little League park, and was mistaken for a hate crime. Thankfully, Commack Patch’s police force has at least one heavy metal loving officer, who correctly identified the graffiti as an illegal homage to the band Slayer. Hilarious news reporting then ensued on the Commack Patch’s news website:

“Wicks Park, which is home to the Commack South Little League, was vandalized Tuesday night, police said.

One of the buildings on the town park property was marked with black graffiti.

Police were initially investigating the vandalism as a hate crime after a resident called in the incident, but officials then realized the markings, which included a pentagram, were symbols from the band, Slayer.”

Via: Metal Injection


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