UPDATE: Breaking: Motörhead Stops Set At Wacken Today, Lemmy Unable To Finish Performance


Breaking news from Metal Injection about what happened during Motörhead’s triumphant return to the stage today at Wacken. Apparently, the band only got through six songs, and Lemmy was unable to return to finish the bands set. The truly sad account follows:

There were long stretches between the songs that were played. After the penultimate song, guitarist Phil Campbell played a guitar solo and when he stopped there was an eerie silence. Lemmy was able to return for one more song and then left the stage immediately after, never to return.

Festival organizer Thomas Jensen then came out and said the Motorhead set was over and he did not know what to do or say to make it any better.

This is not what anyone, especially Lemmy and Motörhead, were hoping for, and it’s a shitty way at best way to end the week. Story is developing, so stay tuned, and stay positive. 

UPDATE 8/2 3:36 PM PT: A source placed at Wacken by Metal Talk.net says that it’s being reported that Lemmy collapsed behind a stack of speakers after exiting the stage during the bands sixth song. However, it now appears that Phil Campbell returned to the stage to play with Doro Pesch. During her set, Pesch announced that “Lemmy was doing fine…”. Lemmy himself told the crowd that despite being “ill lately”, that “he’d come onstage to play some rock n’ roll and fuck myself even more”. Jesus…

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