Very Metal Friday Night Update: Slayer And Phil Anselmo Get F*cking Hostile, Amon Amarth Crack The US Top 20, And Nick Cave Can’t Fly

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 1.12.43 PM
Iggy Pop, Wild American.

Here’s all the metal things that happened last week!

Stream another new song from Black Tusk, Internal/External.

99 metal bands will record a new version of “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall“.

The new Amon Amarth record, “Deceiver of the Gods”, cracks the US top 20. Read my review of Deceiver over at Destroy the Brain.

Listen to the title-track from the new Darkane record, “The Sinister Supremacy“.

Contrary to popular belief, Nick Cave actually can’t fly.

Steven Tyler is getting a new knee.

Speaking of old knees, here’s Dave Mustaine doing what he does best, being a big jerk in Megadeth’s new video, “Super Collider.

If you are in Boston on Saturday, GO TO AWESOME DAY FEST!

Speaking of things that are awesome, here’s Phil Anselmo and Slayer performing “Fucking Hostile”.

Two things that make no sense together: SUNN O ))) and Urban Outfitters.

Ever wanted to eat a life-sized Dexter cake? Yeah, me either. But a bunch of other people did.

A list of all the songs banned from the BBC.

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8 Responses to Very Metal Friday Night Update: Slayer And Phil Anselmo Get F*cking Hostile, Amon Amarth Crack The US Top 20, And Nick Cave Can’t Fly

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