Very Metal Friday Night Update: New Phil Anselmo Streaming, Mudhoney’s Gig On Top Of The Space Needle, And The Most Metal Bikini’s Ever

It’s time for a Heavy Metal Beach Party! Here’s Assassin’s thrashy cover of the classic surf instrumental, “Pipeline”.

Week one of vacation for yours truly is done and some, but as I’ve still got two weeks to go, here’s what’s happening; first, I’ll be off to the Atomic Grape Studio in Boston Rock City tomorrow to hang with my pals at the Movies About Girls podcast and record episode # 170! Tomorrow’s episode also marks the return of MAG’s infamous segment, “Let’s Fuck Up The Podcast“. When it’s Internet ready, listen to it here.

Next, I’ll be continuing to blog while I’m away, but like last week, it’ll be slowish. As I’m busy getting drunk-ish, and cultivating my inner beach-bum.

So, without further delay, here’s all the metal stuff that happened last week, including today’s full stream of Phil Anselmo’s new record, “Walk Through Exits Only“, over at Metal Hammer. Until next time, stay gold Ponyboy…

Slayer, GHOST, and Mastodon all get in the bikini game.

Speaking of Slayer, this is what Slayer looks like now.

Fred Armisen + Queens of the Stone Age = Awesome

Speaking of awesome, listen to Beastie Boy Mike D’s psychadelic sountrack to the Kenzo fashion show.

In case you missed it, here’s Mudhoney performing a live set from the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. In other news, looks like I picked the wrong week to leave Seattle and quit amphetamines.

Speaking of Seattle, Jone’s Soda has created three different flavors of “Sub Pop” soda.

Since three’s always been my lucky number, let’s keep the Seattle inspired stories going with this bizarre 1993 promo for Nirvana’sIn Utero“, staring Bobcat Goldthwait.

And since I’m feeling a little homesick, here’s a new track from Pearl Jam upcoming 10th release, “Lightning Bolt“, Mind Your Manners.

Things you should be doing right now: streaming the entire new Phil Anselmo record, “Walk Through Exits Only“,over at Metal Hammer.

Speaking of Phil Anselmo, here’s the official video for his brutal new track, “Bedridden“.

Alice and Chains to play six UK gigs with Ghost.

Courtney Love talks British hippies, “30 Rock” (?), and tells a story about someone hanging themselves because of “bogus sponsorships” for “Nobody’s Daughter“. Courtey Love is back, and so is the crazy.

A remake of George Romero’s classic zombie flick, “Day of the Dead“, is coming.

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