Very Metal Friday Night Update: Good News For Lemmy, Alice Cooper Cover Record Coming, And Even Jesus Loves Black Flag

Y&T, Summertime Girls.

Since I’m still, still on vacation in the hotter than *$#! east coast, this will be yet another quick VMFNU. If you haven’t already, check out episode #170 of the Movies About Girls Podcast. It is full of much fun and drunkeness. Also, head over to Destroy the Brain and read my latest “Coffin Couture” post (a new column for DTB!) and learn how do your very own DIY Horror Movie inspired manicure.

Lastly, this week brings about good news for Lemmy as the Motorhead camp released a statement saying that the legendary frontman is “on the mend”, and will be back to “business as usual” soon. Like drinking, eating, rocking, and f*cking. Long live Lemmy!

Now, here’s all the metal stuff that happened this week.

Alice Cooper says he’s taking on Hendrix, The Who, and The Beatles on his upcoming cover record.

Only Ian Anderson would sell Lemmy’s guitar for a fucking flute.

Jason Bonham wants to have a hologram drum duet with his Dad.

Here’s a metal version of Daft Punk’s hit, “Get Lucky“.

Nick Cave, “Christ Killer”.

Sir-Mix-A-Lot remixes Puscifer.

Even Jesus loves Black Flag.

Queens of the Stone Age get the Bill Murray lounge act treatment.

Check out Voivod’s new video for “Target Earth“.

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