Very Metal Friday Night Update And Very Metal Programming Note

Surf Nicaragua, Sacred Reich. Oh, 1988, how I miss you.

Hey there my very metal friends! You might have noticed that not much is going on this week on the site, sorry about that. I’m headed back to Seattle in a couple of days, and things will once again return to normal (whatever that means), on Monday. Until then, make sure you’re filling your idle time with my Internet friends over at Movies About Girls, Destroy the Brain, Dangerous Minds, and all the other excellent time-killers listed on the right of this page.

Until I’m back, here’s a few heavy metal news nuggets for you to chew on. Including the track listing for the new Motörhead record, Aftershock.

See you soon!

Here’s the track listing for Aftershock!

Phil Anselmo ❤’s David Lee Roth.

Speaking of things to love, Cassette Store Day is now a thing.

And since I’m on a love bender, Beth Ditto got married.


Speaking of drummers, Bun E. Carlos is suing Cheap Trick.

Listen to the new Monster Magnet track, “The Duke (of Supernature)“. PS: The band will hit Neumo’s in Seattle on 11/22!

Aerosmith’s Tom Hamilton is proud of his obscene Beanie Baby line that was made in “some Chinese factory”.

Angus and Malcom Young (and brother George) are ranked #48  on Australia’s richest residents. Who says rock ‘n’ roll don’t pay?


Let’s go guitar shopping with Lita Ford.

Iggy Pop says “breasts are BIG in America“.

Introducing the only person on planet Earth that thinks Nirvana is still a band.

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