Very Metal Friday Night Update: New NIN, BABY METAL, And ‘Super Duper’ Alice Cooper Doc Debuts At TIFF

Baby Metal. Reason #666 Japan is fucking awesome.

It’s been a busy week for heavy metal news! Read on and check out the new NIN track, “Came Back Haunted“, click to watch the new live video for “Swerve City“, from the Deftones, and see why Dave Mustaine is now, and always will be a giant douche. Friday night starts NOW!

New NIN.

Speaking of new very metal things, here’s the live video for “Swerve City”, the latest from the Deftones.

Preview clips from “Walk Through Exits Only“, the upcoming solo release from Phil Anselmo.

On Wednesday, June 5th, Dave Mustaine told LA Weekly that, “He doesn’t get angry at all”. On Thursday, June 6th, Dave Mustaine called a fan that booed him at a show in Manchester, England a “Faggot” and a “Cunt”, then had him thrown out of the show. The only thing Dave Mustaine is still good at, is making Dave Mustaine look like a complete asshat.

Have you ever wanted to smell like MTV? Yeah, me either. Unless it smells like Adam Curry’s hair circa 1989.

I can’t even remember all the lyrics to “I Remember You“.

“Secret” GN’R show in Brooklyn sells out in 40 seconds.

John Paul Jones is writing an opera.

Is that a promise?

26 reasons why I no longer go to music festivals.

‘Super Duper’ Alice Cooper doc will make it’s big screen debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

According to the Wall Street Journal, more people are learning to speak Nordic languages because they love heavy metal.

Speaking of Norwegian heavy metal, here’s a tutorial on how to paint a room, death metal style.


Speaking of Japan (see BABY METAL! above), a Suspiria-themed Italian restaurant is a real thing in Tokyo. Because being relentlessly hunted down by a coven of witches can really make you hungry.

The awesomely NSFW trailer for ‘100 Bloody Acres‘ made me laugh, and lose my lunch.

The Night Stalker is dead.

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