Very Metal Friday Night Update: Motörhead Get Golden God Award, Welcome To The Church Of Misery, And Iron Man Lives Again

Indeed he does.

Hey there, Friday. It’s about time you showed up. But I’m not complaining, as this past week my ears were filled with some amazing new metal, and tomorrow will bring antics and fun with my friends over at the Movies About Girls podcast! This week, it’s time for another TV special! Episode #168 will give the cast of MAG a case of the giggles, as the gang gathers around the boob-tube for a look back at everyone’s favorite summer-time girl, Gidget. Who goes a little Goth in episode #19 from Season One of the show, “Gidget’s Career“. Once it’s uploaded to the Internet’s, you can listen to it the whole shindig (which is still recorded live), here.

As far as the metal rolling around in my ears, I somehow managed to pull together another list of six recent and upcoming releases that deserve your very metal attention. Included in that mix are my thoughts about the new Black Sabbath record, 13. Check it out over at Curious Tracks, Purple Dog Records music blog.

Now, on to everything metal that happened this week. And I mean, EVERYTHING…

God DAMN Japan! Listen to the new 7+ minute blistering Church of Misery track, “Brother Bishop“. The band’s fourth record, Thy Kingdom Scum is out now. Look for my full review of Scum over at Curious Tracks.

Speaking of reviews, guess what? I LIKE “13”! Deal with it.

Since I’ve still got your attention, check out the latest track from Black Star Riders, “Hey, Judas“.

I think I’ve posted about Phil Anselmo four weeks in a row. Let’s make that five, as another brutal track from Anselmo’s solo record, “Bedridden” is ready to beat the crap out of your ears.

Motörhead are officially Golden Gods.

Protesters use AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” to protest a proposed freeway in Utah.

Chuck Billy gets honored by the state of California for being a positive influence on Native American Culture.

Thanks for trying, Porn.

Alice in Chains’ music gets featured in new the Pinball Rocks video game.

Speaking of things that rock, The Seattle School of Rock will take on Fugazi tomorrow night.

Give your guitar a hug; Vivian Campbell has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Speaking of hugs, grab your copy of Escape, and a box of tissues. You’re going to need both of them after reading Steve Perry’s personal account on his battle with melanoma, after losing his girlfriend to cancer.

Speaking of tissues, fly your Ramones tee-shirt at half-mast if you’ve got them. Arturo Vega, forever known as “the 5th Ramone”, has passed away at the age of 65.

Meet the most metal bottle of Beck’s beer ever.


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