Very Metal Friday Night Update: Iggy On Orgasms, Cooking With Phil Anselmo, And A Sick Lemmy Still Gets Laid More Than You

It’s been quite the new week when it comes to metal, and quite frankly, not much of it was good. But, as I mentioned in the title of this weekly post, that Lemmy seems to be doing okay and is still getting laid, even while he’s laid-up. Now that’s metal.

In other good news, tomorrow will bring yet another episode of the Movies About Girls podcast! So, grab your bikini (or banana hammock) and join the International cast of MAG for episode #169, as we take on 1987’sBack to the Beach“. As usual, we’ll also run down our Top 5 and Bottom 5 DVD and Blu-Ray releases, tell you what beaches to avoid this summer (think FLORIDA), and play another round of MAG’s favorite parlor game, That’s Not A Real Band Name, Is It?, curated by your truly. When it hits the Internets, it’ll be posted here.

Lastly, I’m excited to report that I’ve just started blogging for the horror-hounds over at Destroy the Brain! I’ll be reviewing some metal, and assaulting your eyes with fashion finds only serial killers could love.

Now, on to all the metal things that happened last week. Stay STRONG Lemmy!

We can all breathe a little easier because according to Motörhead, Lemmy is still, “Alive (YAY!), Breathing (Good news!), Talking (Nice), Fucking (TMI), Drinking (Yikes), Reading (?)”. Despite this official update, Motörhead has since announced that they will not perform at the With Full Force Fest, in Germany today.

Read my review of the new Amon Amarth record, “Deceiver of the Gods” over at Destroy the Brain!

Henry Rollins has “quit music”.

20,000 Days On Earth, a documentary celebrating Nick Cave’s 20,000 day on earth is coming in 2014.

Iggy Pop on orgasms and wanting to beat up The Stooges.

Dear Kerry King, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Speaking of shut the fuck up…

Something that should not happen but is; Sammy Hagar to cover Depeche Mode on his new record, “Sammy Hagar and Friends”. In other news, Sammy Hagar has friends?

Andrew W.K. is the opening act for all of Black Sabbaths North American tour dates.

Six year old Death Metal girl makes Howard Stern throw devil horns on America’s Got Talent.

Cooking with Phil Anselmo.

Man plays AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ on flaming bagpipes.

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