Very Metal Friday Night Update: Axl Rose Hits Up Yard Sale, RIP Tony Soprano, And “13” Hits #1


Welcome to the first official Friday of the Summer of 2013! It’s also a special weekend here at Casa Cherrybombed, as Mr. CB and I are celebrating 15 happy/crazy/happy years together. Who knew that a jazz guy and a metalhead girl could make it work? Nobody, really. But that’s beside the point of this post. Here’s everything metal that happened this week. Cheers!

Not Breaking really news! Axl Rose spotted at NY yard sale.

The new track from Amon Amarth, “Shape Shifter“, is awesome.

Speaking of things that are awesome, here’s the new video for “In Days of Woe from Black Tusk’s latest EP.

And since we are on an awesome roll, here’s the official video for the new Public Enemy track, “Get Up Stand Up“, featuring Brother Ali. Now that you heard it, get it here.

Delusional former Bullet Boy is selling his dirty pants for $8,100 on eBay.

Speaking of dirty laundry, Joan Jett is suing Hot Topic over their “Blackheart” underwear line , as it infringes on her own line of clothing called “Blackheart”.

Dave Lombardo to guest on the upcoming Sepultura record.

Black Sabbath’s13” hits #1.

Calling all creeps! David Lynch to direct the new NIN video for “Came Back Haunted“.

Speaking of creeps, here’s 90 seconds worth of every zoom shot from The Shining.

Help fund Keleigh Black’s new photography book, Subterrestrial Black Metal — A Journey Into Darkness.

Want to hear a beatbox version of Ozzy’sCrazy Train“? Yeah, me too!

RIP Tony Soprano. You were the most metal gangster of them all.

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