Tom Araya Hints That The End Of Slayer Is Coming


As many of you know, Guitar World’s upcoming August 2013 issue will pay tribute to the late Jeff Hanneman. Within the issue, Tom Araya casts a dark shadow over the future of Slayer, saying that “there’s no replacing him (Jeff Hanneman)”. Tom’s heavy quote follows…

After 30 years, it would literally be like starting over. To move forward without Jeff just wouldn’t be the same, and I’m not sure the fans would be so accepting of that drastic a change. Especially when you consider how much he contributed to the band musically. And you can have someone sit in for him, but there’s no one on this planet that can do what Jeff did. There’s no replacing him.

Like many, if not all of you that read this blog, Tom’s thoughts ring true in my ears. And when Slayer started falling apart over the last year, while sad (and mostly preventable when it came to Dave Lombardo), it seemed that road the band was on, was rocky at best. But Jeff Hanneman’s sudden passing, changed everything.

Bands like Slayer don’t come around too often, and I for one hate the thought of a world without them. But in Tom’s own words, there is “no one on this planet that can do what Jeff did“. Translation? There is no Slayer without Jeff Hanneman.

Via: Metal Sucks.

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