Not The Kind Of News I Want To Report: Motörhead Cancel European Dates Due To Lemmy’s Health


Well this isn’t good news. According to Metal Insider, Motörhead announced they were cancelling two tour dates in Austria and Milan due to the fact that Lemmy has suffered a hematoma, a condition that has caused blood clots to form “anywhere in his body”. Last week we found out that Lemmy had been fitted with a defibrillator after a recent heart scare. The bands press release on the situation doesn’t make it sound good at all:

“With great regret we inform you that, after you have cancelled a date in Austria yesterday, motorhead are also forced to cancel the date of June 25 in Milan, for the same reason, ie health problems lemmy, caused by a strong hematoma makes it impossible at present to go on stage.”

Yikes. But although the band has referred to Lemmy’s hematoma as “strong“, it’s not clear how big and bad it really is. Let’s all hope that it’s not as bad as it sounds, and that Lemmy proves to us once again, that he’s fucking bulletproof.

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