Very Metal Friday Night Update: Senior Citizens In Stockholm Like Iron Maiden, Lars Ulrich Falls Down, And Rest In Peace, Jeff Hanneman

Rest in Peace, Jeff Hanneman. Vintage Monsters of Rock footage of Slayer performing, Raining Blood.

Like everyone else, I’m still stunned that guitarist Jeff Hanneman, a founding member of Slayer, passed away yesterday of liver failure at the age of 49. Back when I was a younger metalhead, I was lucky enough to see Slayer at a small club in Boston called The Channel. It was terrifying. The pit was a thrashing mess of hair and sweat, that would randomly pull onlookers into it’s chaos. The band was in full-tilt rage mode, as they slashed their way through songs from Seasons in the Abyss, like professional serial killers. There were many times during that show that I fought the urge to run out of the club, feeling I’d be safer outside, than inside. It was complete madness, and unlike anything I had ever seen. Until that day, I thought I knew what heavy metal was. But Slayer set me straight with their satanic, aggressive perfection. Thanks for the very metal memories, Jeff Hanneman. The world is now a lot less metal, and a little too quiet without you.

Footage of Clem from Blondie  laying down drum tracks for The Kinks “Attitude” for Everyone Loves Sausages.

San Fransisco band Orchid sounds more like Black Sabbath, than Black Sabbath sounds like Black Sabbath. And if that sounds better to you than listening to the new Sabbath record, you should stream Orchid’s new record, the super psychedelic, “Into the Mouth of Madness“, here.

Even the Nana’s and Pop-Pop’s of Stockholm like Iron Maiden.

Here’s Coliseum’s new video for “Love Under Will“.

Just Metal Things.


9 minutes from the 2013 Wayne’s World Reunion Panel.

Listen to two sick new tracks from Black Tusk.

Iggy Pop says that in five or ten years, people will warm up to the Stooges new record, Ready To Die.

Speaking of being ready to die, after reading this, I’m sure the end is near.

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