Very Metal Friday Night Update: Pre-GN’R Axl Rose Demos, Slayer On John Stewart, And Hipsters Cover Danzig

Christopher Lee welcomes Friday night. Happy Birthday to the only 91 year old that not only celebrated a birthday on May 27, but released his second heavy metal record on the same day. All hail the king of metal, baby.

Welcome Friday. The bringer of the end of the week, and the gateway drug to Saturday! In addition to all the metal news you need to know below, Movies About Girls #167 episode will land on the Internet’s this weekend. This week, your favorite band of disheveled good-timers go back to the land of 1987 for part II of Andy Sedaris’ shirtless spy flick, Hard Ticket To Hawaii. We’ll also play another round of “That’s Not A Real Band Name, Is It?”, curated by yours truly, tell you what part of Florida to avoid with our Crazy News report, the Top 5 and Bottom 5 DVD/Blu-Ray releases of the week, and as always, laffs and hassle-free good times with MAG’s international gang of teenage losers. Dig it!

More new Phil Anselmo and the Illegals!

Listen to a new killer track from one of my favorite heavy metal Viking bands, Amon Amarth.

Someone set the Wayback Machine to 1985 and give Mick Jones a pack of matches, a zippo, lighter fluid, and a blow torch.

Speaking of the Wayback Machine, listen to what Axl Rose sounded like pre-GN’R in 1983.

Speaking of the 80’s, Heavy Metal Trading Cards are a thing again!

Getting back to the Wayback Machine, here’s Slayer on John Stewart circa 1995.

Speaking of Slayer, here’s what Twitter had to say about Dave Lombardo getting officially kicked out of the band yesterday.

Listen to one of the best the things to ever come out of Texas, Scorpion Child, and their new track, Polygon of Eyes.

Hipsters Wye Oak covering Danzig.

When Courtney Love isn’t busy telling wacked-out actresses to “get it together“, she’s telling Howard Stern that Kurt would have been “disturbed” by Limp Bizkit. “ISN’T EVERYBODY?”, screamed everybody not named Fred Durst.

When Dave Mustaine isn’t busy asking to see President Obama’s birth certificate, he likes to talk about his hair.

Zombies don’t want to eat your brains! They just want to help get your cat out of that tree!

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