Very Metal Friday Night Update: Celebrating Ronnie James Dio, New Phil Anselmo, And Black Sabbath On Prime Time TV


In celebration of Friday’s arrival, please join me in bidding a good riddance to this past week. And, as I’m not one to dwell on days of bullshit past, check out my latest very metal roundup of new releases from San Fransisco band Orchid, the pride of Savannah, Black Tusk, and UK band Tracer, and many others over at Curious Tracks. This weekend I’ll also have the pleasure of sharing laffs and good times on The Movies About Girls podcast. This week we shift our cinema gaze to the boob tube for TV Shows About Girls. Episode #166 has your favorite gang of teenage losers getting nostalgic for the year 1982 while watching the thankfully Chrissy-less Season 7 premiere of Three’s Company, ‘A Night Not To Remember‘. Dig it!

Now, here’s your weekly dose of metal news…

Thursday marked the third anniversary of the passing of Ronnie James Dio. In honor of one of the most metal men to ever hold a microphone, here are 20 photos of Dio throwing devil horns like a boss.

Here’s another killer track from the upcoming solo record from Phil Anselmo and the Illegals.

Speaking of killer tracks, here’s a sweet new jam from Valient Thorr. The bands sixth release, “Our Own Masters”, is out in June.

54 year old Prince says he doesn’t have time to work with “old people”.

It’s Friday again. So that means The Queens of the Stone Age put out another new animated video. Or two.

From Dusk Till Dawn. The TV series.

Tracii Guns new band, The Tracii Guns League Of Gentlemen sounds better than their name implies.

In case you care, here’s Black Sabbath on the season finale of CSI.

Motörhead, Public Enemy, and Bad Brains among the 75 bands lined up to play Chicago’s “Riot Fest” in September. In other news, I’m moving to Chicago.

This should end well.

A Friday The 13th documentary, ‘Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th‘ will be out just in time for the end of summer camp season this August. So maybe stay out of the canoe this year. And the lake. And the cabins. And definitely don’t smoke pot, get drunk, or have sex in a hayloft.

Fred Durst says the new Limp Bizkit record is an “anti-radio” record. “THANK YOU!” said radio.

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