Very Metal Friday Night Update: A Vintage Guide To Satanic Cults, David Lee Roth Goes Postal New Short Film, And RIP Ray Manzarek

It’s a shame about Ray. Rest in Peace, Ray Manzarek.

Friday is finally here! And with that happy news, a programming note; I’ll be taking a few days off but plan to be back by Tuesday for regular posts. I wish I was taking time off to pour delicious beverages on my liver, and eat stuff I usually don’t eat, but I’ll be taking care of my 11 month old kitten who has been laid up in the animal hospital for the last week. But like his non-feline Mom, he’s a fighter, and we’re hoping he’ll be back to his cat-shenanigans when he comes home tomorrow.

Now, here’s all the metal stuff that happened this past, completely messed-up week. Have a great weekend, drink beer, don’t drive, and stay metal…

In rememberance of Ray Manzarek. A moving tribute by Exene Cervenka and John Doe.

Break out the PBR! A new Red Fang record is coming this fall!

Speaking PBR, listen to the full-album stream from ASG’s new record, Blood Drive.

David Lee Roth directed and stars in this new short film that has him going all Tarantino on a gang of Japanese bad guys. Spoiler Alert! It’s fucking awesome.

Believe it or not, David Lynch did not direct this new Aussie tourism ad for high-end vino destination, Barossa Valley in Southern Australia, that features the music and voice of Australia’s goth king, Nick Cave.

Phil Anselmo + Warbeast = SUMMER TOUR!

Really, Sebastian Bach?

Coliseum covers Eddie Money.

“A Guide to Satanic Cults”, the lost Law Enforcement video from 1994, part II.

I want to fuck you to death“. A new love song co-written by Lemmy Kilmister for the band Huntress.

This is a public service announcement! Insane Clash Box Set coming this summer.

Heavy Metal Movies. The Book.

Spike Lee’s remake of cult Korean flick “Oldboy“, with Samuel L. “it’s the one that says Bad Mother Fucker” Jackson, hits theaters in October.

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