Kickstarter For The New Sepultura’s Documentary Plus New Film Footage

Director Otavio Juliano talks about his upcoming Sepultua documentary, three years in the making thus far.

All I can say about this is; “IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!”

But since you need to know more about this, here’s all you need to know about Sepultua’s Kickstarter for their upcoming documentary, and how you (YEAH, YOU), can help get it made. I honestly can’t think of a more metal way for you spend some of your money.

The long awaited documentary about Sepultua’s incredible journey from Brazil to the world. Filmmaker Otavio Juliano has been following Sepultura for the better part of 2010-2013, a time of tension and triumph for the band, as they toured and recorded their album Kairos. Nothing has been off-limits. This amazing story will go through Sepultura’s history, myths, conflicts, personnel changes and struggles with the Internet economy in the early 2000s as well interviews and rare footage. This documentary is certain to bring fans closer to the band they love.

“About 50% of the film has been shot so far. We have witnessed this historic band experiencing wrenching transformations and unprecedented growth. We opened Sepultura’s vault and dig into the best rare and unseen footage of the last 30 years. We will see them at their most vulnerable and human, and also as idols of the heavy metal genre. Those elements make the overall film an uncommonly powerful statement.”

Via: The PRP.

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