Very Metal Friday Night Update: Iggy Pop’s “Indie Label Problems”, Ozzy Falls Off The Wagon, And Alice In Chains Get “Stoned”

Iggy Pop hates on his indie record label. Bikini’s and hilarity ensues.

Yesterday, when The Onion so eloquently said, “Jesus, this week“, everybody nodded in agreement. So very quickly, I want to let you all know that as of this writing, Movies About Girls episode #165 will happen this weekend. As you know, MAG’s studio is located in Boston, our fearless King and his Queen are holding court, and are thankfully safe.

Fan fód my Beantown friends. I love you all, and that dirty old town.

The Dropkick Murphys‘ raised $100,000 for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. To make a donation to help the victims of the tragedy in Boston, click here.

Record Store Day is TOMORROW! Check out my list of recommended must-haves for RCD 2013, and my very metal RCD 2013 list over at Purple Dog Records.

Here’s the official music video for the new Alice in Chains track, “Stone”.

Listen to the excellent new track from Michael Monroe, “Ballad of the Lower East Side“.

RIP, Storm Throgerson.

Vince Neil says “It’s time” for Motley Crüe to say goodbye. “WE KNOW” said everybody.

David Lee Roth says he never married his male chef in a civil ceremony a decade ago. Thanks, Buzz Feed, I never heard that one before either.

Trying to talk to Johnny Marr about shoes.

Nico McBrain’s wife is McBatshit crazy. Naturally, she is a resident of the most twisted state in the union, otherwise known as Florida.

Speaking of bats, Ozzy said he was back on the sauce & drugs while recording the new Black Sabbath record. Which can only mean one thing; the new Black Sabbath album will be fucking awesome!

Anxious and depressed (isn’t everyone after this last week!)? Blame heavy metal.

Speaking of being anxious and depressed, ever wanted to see Axl Rose in 3D? Yeah, (remember, it’s NOT 1987) me either.

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