Very Metal April Fools’? Slayer And Anthrax Form Super Group “Slanthrax”?

This might happen. “Slanthrax”.

If it’s true, members of Slayer and Anthrax might be joining forces for a new tour. It’s rumored that the bastard love child of the bands Slayer and Anthrax , “Slanthrax”,might play the Rockstar Mayhem Uproar Slaughter on the Range as well as taking on the headlining slot for 70,000 Tons of Ship Rocked cruise. Once again, if it’s true, the lineup looks like this: Joey Belladonna and Tom Araya on vocals, Kerry King and Scott Ian on guitars, Frank Bello on bass and Charlie Benante on drums.

So far this April Fools’ day rumor mill has Slayer frontman, Tom Araya, taking a break from the band due to his back issues kicking up again, and being replaced by Jason Newsted, and now this “Slanthrax” thing pops up on my very metal maybe radar. What to believe!

Via: Loudwire.

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2 Responses to Very Metal April Fools’? Slayer And Anthrax Form Super Group “Slanthrax”?

  1. The specualted tour name is just a combination of the names of Rockstar Mayhem fest, Rockstar Uproar fest, Summer Slaughter Tour, and Rock On The Range. The cruise name is 70,000 tons of metal and shiprocked put together. So I think that kinda pushes for the fact that this is just a good April fool’s joke and not a real super group formation of Anthrax and Slayer.

  2. I would have taken this one over Araya leaving Slayer’s summer tour though. Slanthrax. HA!

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