Very Friday Night Update: Sub Pop’s Silver Jubilee, If Lemmy’s Mole Could Talk, And Axl Rose Still Has “It”?


Just a quick programming note to say the blog will be taking some time off so Cherrybomb can feel better. Until she returns, keep being metal, and visit our other equally metal friends at Movies About Girls, Dangerous Minds, Perisarc, Paracinema, and all of our other “clickworthy” Internet pals.

See you soon…

Sub Pop’s Silver Jubilee is going to be stellar. And it’s FREE.

I have never personally wondered what Lemmy’s moles would say if they could talk, but maybe you have.

The new Ghost is streaming.

Listen to the new Queens of the Stone Age track, My God is the Sun.

Satan releases first single in 25 years. And you don’t have to go to hell to listen to it.

In their new video for the track “Bald Bull”, Boston metal band Gozu proves that milk does not in fact, do a body good.

Speaking of Boston, I got pretty homesick watching this mini-documentary about the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. 14 years and counting, this years festival features Anthrax, DRI, Sick of it All, as well as every NE metal band worth their devil horns.

A Year and A Day“. An animated tribute to MCA.

Axl Rose still has it?

Here’s a picture of Taylor Hawkins as Iggy Pop from the soon-to-be-released CBGB’s mess of a movie.

Speaking of messes, Marilyn Manson has officially given up.

Ever wanted to see Nicholas Cage headbanging, dressed like a priest for 1:32? Yeah, me neither.

Don’t miss this one Seattle headbangers, Norwegian metal band, Kverlatak is coming to El Corozon!

The always subtle Reggie Watts explains how to tell if you’re fucking someone.

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