Full Album Stream Of The New Melvins Cover Record “Everybody Loves Sausages”


Everybody might not love sausages, but everyone definitely loves the Melvins.

DJ Cherrybomb

I just got through streaming the new Melvins cover record, Everybody Loves Sausages. From start to finish, the band brings it’s A-game to the albums  menagerie of metal, alt, pop and classic rock cover tracks. Sausages kicks off with a snarling homage to Venom, and the bands 1984 track, Warhead, then continues on it’s noisy spiral upwards with classic covers of The Kinks, Queen, and an indulgent 11 + minute cover of Bowie’sStation to Station” with J.G. Thirwell of Foetus on vocals.

Other non-Melvin members on appearing on Sausages include Mark Arm of Mudhoney, who supplied the vocals for “Set it on Fire” from Aussie band Scientists, and Jello Biafra on the track “In Every Dream Home a Heartache“, originally done by Roxy Music. Sausages is a record as diverse as it is shiny, loud and fuzzy.

Also included in the online album stream is some great commentary by the king of metal and hair, King Buzzo himself. Listen and read along as Buzzo talks you the through each track over at Spin. The bands 30th anniversary summer tour kicks off on July 12th in Phoenix, and hits Seattle for two nights, August 16th and 17th at Neumo’s. Look for my  full run down of Sausages later this week over at Purple Dog Records music blog, Curious Tracks.

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