Yearly Required St. Patrick’s Day Post: Rock Stars Drinking Beer

Rock stars. They’re just like you and me. Especially on this, the most sacred day of booze worship, St. Patrick’s Day. I usually don’t post on Sunday, but I thought this collection of some of my favorite rock stars enjoying their hooch seemed like the least I could do before I get drunk myself.

Lemmy Kilmister. The master of all things vice photographed without his usual Jack Daniels.

The Ramones keep it classy with beer and pinball.

Bon Scott and his trusty oil can.

Alice Cooper and Keith Moon.

David Bowie and Paul Simonon of The Clash, 1982.

Photo of Clash
Joe Strummer, 1981. Photo by Lisa Haun.

Tom Waits.

Nick Cave and a dead soldier. Photographed in London by Christian Castelnuovo.

I can’t tell which Keith Richards likes better. Patti Hansen, or his Heineken.

Joan Jett of the Runaways backstage at The Whiskey A Go Go.
Joan Jett proves that it is in fact possible to look cool while drinking a Michelob, with a safety pin holding up your fly.

Axl Rose and a beer in 2001.

Michael Jackson was a Bud Man. Who knew?

Iggy Pop backstage, post-show. Featured in the book called The Moment After the Show

Blondie & Iggy Pop & Harry, Debbie
Iggy and Blondie. Two greats made better with beer.

Ace Frehley, double fisted.

Tankard getting tanked.

And if you’re headed out to celebrate today, or you’ve been out since 8 AM (I’m talking to you,  Boston), say away from anything that involves you behind the wheel of a car. Or a bike. Or a tractor. Have fun calling in “sick” tomorrow!

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    Damn Ace is the best!!!

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