Very Metal Friday Night Update: Crüe Calls It Quits, Slash Becomes An Angry Bird, And MAG Takes On Pink Lady And Jeff

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Pink Lady and Jeff! Jeff Altman that is.

I’m excited to be curating part of the Movies About Girls podcast this weekend as the gang takes on the short-lived TV music-variety show, Pink Lady and Jeff. Every so often, a MAG cast member gets to highlight some of their favorite, girl-centric vintage TV memories. This week, it was my turn. And since it seems that I don’t actually like any of my MAGmates, I made them all watch the first episode of the ill-fated 1980 “musical” variety show. We’ll play some clips, and get the MAG cast’s opinion of what can only be described as a “disasterpiece” (thanks for that, Ken). But that’s all I’m going to say about that. As usual, we’ll also run down our Top 5 and Bottom 5 DVD picks, let you know all the places in Florida you should avoid, as well as all the laffs you can handle!

You can stream the show this weekend to hear it all go down. Don’t miss it!

Lastly, but not in the leastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. CHERRYBOMB! This blog wouldn’t exist without your love and support. And neither would I.

Now, on to all things metal that happened this week…

Slash is an Angry Bird now.

Speaking of angry birds, in an interview with Adelaide Daily, Axl says that he thinks Slash sabotaged him. Axl also said (for like the millionth time) that the old Guns N’ Roses lineup are never, ever, getting back together. “WE KNOW!”, said everyone except Steven Adler.

Oh my BLOB, I love YOB!

Speaking of things that I love, check out my review over at Purple Dog Records of Push the Sky Away, the new release from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

But when do we get to see footage of Vince Neil getting pulled over for his first “FWI (flying while intoxicated)”?

Speaking of Vince Neil getting drunk, Mötley Crüe says they are done. But not until they torture us with one last album. And a tour.

Led Zeppelin, Grandmaster Flash, and Gil Scott-Heron among possible nominees for the new “Music Walk of Fame” in Camden.

RIP, Alvin Lee.

Someone might have Stopped Believing.

Hungry? Here’s a picture of Glen Danzig and a delicious piece of cake.

Speaking of cake, is anyone Stoned and Starving like me? Yeah, I thought so.

Scott Weiland says STP “can’t fire him”. “BUT WE DID!”, said STP.

Speaking of crying, when does the video of Bret Michaels bawling after getting fired from Celebrity Apprentice come out?

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