Very Metal Friday Night Update: Iggy Wears A Shirt, VÖHL, And Bon Jovi Beats Bowie?

Joey DiMaio being awesome.

I can’t think of a better way to ring in the weekend that this gif of Manowar’s Joey DiMaio being completely metal. It’s like watching a beautiful waterfall of delicious beer in Valhalla.

This weekend will also bring a new episode of the Movies About Girls podcast. MAG #163 sets the way-back machine for 1988, and takes on the third installment of director Tom DeSimone’s Angel series, Angel III.

I’d say that the star of this film is clearly 80’s goddess and Baywatch girl, Mitzi Kapture, but it isn’t. The real star of this film is the wardrobe of Kapture’s character, Angel/Molly. If you remember the 80’s, everything Angel wears in this flick will give you an acid-washed flashback. I almost broke out the shoulder pads, shotgunned a Yoo-Hoo, wore slouchy socks outside the house after watching it. But that’s not all! We’ll also run down the list of states you should avoid with the Crazy News, present our Top Five and Bottom Five picks of the most recent DVD/Blu Ray releases, all while the teenage losers of MAG make you laugh and cringe the night away with our regularly scheduled antics.

Speaking of teenage losers, read on to catch up with all the metal stuff that happened this week…

Ozzy says he would “die a happy man” if he could collaborate with Adele. “Get in LINE!”, yelled everybody.

Chris Holmes is back in this hot mess of a video for his new track ,Way To Be.

Black Star Riders (former members of Thin Lizzy) are streaming their new single. And it’s pretty fucking good.

Breaking News! Iggy Pop is wearing a shirt AND a jacket.

Drink, make love, have fun. Joey DiMaio of Manowar gets it.

Hatebreed guitarist compares his band to Motörhead.

Bon Jovi beats Bowie. Just a reminder for you all, the current year is 2013, not 1985.

Speaking of 1985, Nicholas Cage was just on Jimmy Fallon talking about how much he loves Motley Crue.

VÖHL:  “Illuminate“.

Speaking of very metal illumination, here’s Dinosaur Jr. covering Phoenix.

Napalm Death is too loud to play a museum. “WHAT?”, said everybody.

Peter Murphy fucked up.

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