Very Metal Friday Night Update: Black Sabbath, Ghostface Killah, And People, Hell, And Angels


So, if you’re a metalhead living in or around Toronto, you are currently consumed, still trying to wrap your mind around how the fuck you are going to score tickets for Black Sabbath’s first North American in Toronto August 14th. Opinions aside, there is no doubt that every date on this tour is going to sell out. So like you Toronto, I’m sitting in that same viking boat, rocking back and forth. Trying to come to terms with the fact that my Sabbath ticket, if I’m lucky engough to get one, will likely be the most expensive concert ticket I’ve ever purchased for a show, in my life. Second only to my recent acquisition of a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ticket. So you do the math. It’s not pretty. But it’s rock and roll. And I love it.

So many metal things happened this week. Read on for all the deets…

RIP Clive Burr.

Sabbath’s ’13’ gets a June 11th release date. In this video of Rick Rubin lounging around while recording Sabbath, you get to hear some sound bites from the new record. In other very metal news, Sabbath’s world tour begins next month in New Zealand, then hits Australia and Japan from late July through September. The only North American date so far is in Canada, on August 14 at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. Tickets for the Toronto concert go on sale on April 13th.

People, Hell, and Angels.

Soundgarden will release vinyl demos from “King Animal” on Record Store Day this year.

Metal Church is recording a new album.

Not wanting to be out-metaled by Metal Church, Judas Priest is also back in the studio.

Axl Rose’s microphone broke a fans teef. Now he’s getting sued. Not the microphone, Axl Rose.

The Mars Volta might have lied when they said they were never, ever getting back together.

Fuck yes! New Clutch.

Speaking of fuck yes, Thurston Moore’s band, Chelsea Light Moving, might have made one of my favorite records of 2013.

Speaking of Thurston Moore, here’s a photo of Thurston Moore smiling, and Nick Cave not looking morose while record shopping at Waterloo Records this week at SXSW in Austin.

Jack White is the Record Store Day 2013 ambassador.

Here’s another new Ghostface Killah track. And it’s fucking Delphonically awesome.

Download this sweet Boston metal comp from Born of Fire records NOW!

Speaking of Boston, RIP to a loved music/culture mag from my youth, the Boston Phoenix. The same so-long goes out to 30 year Boston radio station alterna-vet, WFNX.

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