Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This: The Gorburger Show

The Gorburger Show, episode 1, Season 2. Special guest, FLEA!

So yesterday, I spent about an hour plowing through the first season of The Gorburger Show. It’s an Internet talk show, now in it’s second season, staring a crass, Sid and Marty Croft alien/monster castoff called Gorburger. Gorburger has Tweeting from SXSW this week. Tegan and Sara (former season one guests), were photographed wearing Gorburger shirts in Austin. How I missed the short bus to Gorburger town is beyond me. But now that I’m hip, I’m spreading the word.

Gorburger’s Christmas Special with Andrew WK.

Gorburger was sprung from the demented mind of Denver native, comedian T.J. Miller. You can watch the entire first season at The Warner Sound’s Youtube channel. It’s a crazy, NSFW funny full of fake blood, foul language, and Gorburger’s Japanese dancing duo, Tokyo Fever. Bonus? Henry Rollins will be a guest on Gorburger’s couch later this season.

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