Someone Is Selling My Denim Jacket From 1984 On Etsy (Not Really) And A Brief Look At The Headbangers Uniform: The DIY Heavy Metal Jacket

Custom heavy metal band logo jacket by Emmase. $50. Needs more röck döts!

I can’t hate on this custom jean jacket (even though it needs more PATCHES!) by very metal Etsy-r, Emmase. And that’s because the 1984 version of me is still very much alive, and currently stealing my Mom’s credit card to buy one. Here’s a few more from Emmase’s shop to help further induce your incoming 80’s fashion flashback. And since you might be saying $50 is a little steep for this sharpie/denim work of art , check out these high end heavy metal jackets by designer, DNA.


This is DNA’s “Neurosis Jacket”. It will empty your wallet to the tune of $6000. You can see the rest of DNA’s spendy collection of metal duds, here. Then, since I felt I was kind of onto something no I wasn’t I came across this very cool photo collection from Wacken in 2008.


Artist/blogger Dennis Dread, shot pictures of metalheads at Wacken sporting their finest patched up jackets and vests. Dread snapped this photo of Mr. Sadism Unbound (above), and declared him the winner of his “Wacken patch-jacket contest”. Mr. Sadism might be 1000% hard core dedicated to patches, but he’s also slightly fucking completely terrifying.


Lastly, here’s a Tumblr with some pretty sweet images of “battle jackets”. Kind of a one-up on the patch jacket, but without the sleeves in most cases, and something I’m planning on rocking this summer. This hand-painted Slayer one above is pretty impressive. And in case you were wondering, yes, there is a “Rate My Battle Jacket” page on Facebook. Thank you Internet. Sometimes you know exactly what I need.

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