The Movies About Girls Podcast Turns 150!

MAG Episode 150! Call us and tell us we look awesome for our age…

It’s hard to believe but tonight, at 6:00 pm ET, The Movies About Girls podcast will broadcast it’s 150th episode! Tonight will also be my 115th appearance on this zany show, and in honor of this MAG milestone, we will all embark on an epic trip down MAG Memory Lane. Both myself, and the Dr. Rock of Down Under, MAG cast member, Alistair, pulled over six hours of clips from past shows for episode #150, highlighting each cast member, past and present. If you’re a hard-core MAG fanatic, or new to the show, you won’t want to miss the MAGTASTIC mishegas we have in store for tonight.

Tune in to Loudcaster and hear it all live tonight at 6:00!

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