Richard Pryor. Accidental Death Metal Pioneer From 1977

Richard Pryor performing a skit called ‘Black Death Metal” on his short-lived ‘Richard Pryor Show’ on ABC in 1977. 

And just when you think you reached the end of the Internet’s road, a video with Richard Pryor performing a skit called ‘Black Death Metal’ on his ABC show that only lasted for four episodes in 1977, The Richard Pryor Show, shows up. I’m completely speechless right now so you’re going to have to just trust me and watch this seven-minute metal masterpiece for yourself. Then, you need to try to figure out how to best explain what you saw to someone else. Then, someone needs to borrow the Wayback Machine from Mr. Peabody, go back to 1977, and give Mr. Pryor an Emmy, an Oscar and blow-job (not necessarily in that order), for his pioneering efforts that obviously didn’t go unnoticed by the still emerging, ever changing, metal scene.

Via: The very metal, Dangerous Minds.

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