Daily Earwig: Dee Snider – Mack The Knife

Dee Snider, Mack the Knife. From the upcoming record, ‘Dee Does Broadway’.

Dee Snider’sDee Does Broadway‘, record comes out next week. It’s a record full of show tunes by Dee Snider. Of Twister Sister. From the decade that time tries to forget was pretty sweet, the 1980’s. There is a metal part of me that wants to hate this, but I can’t. I CAN’T! Snider’s version of ‘Mack the Knife‘, which has been covered by everyone from Nick Cave to The Psychedelic Furs, and its accompanying video (directed by Snider’s 23 year old son Cody Blue Snider), is pretty fantastic. The video even makes me long for the days when MTV used to play videos with goofball, antic riddled story lines. Or pretty much every video Twisted Sister ever made. Mr. Snider, I tip my very metal hair to you.

More via Snider official site.

Programming Note: In other very metal news, I’m headed to the Van Halen show at the Tacoma Dome tonight. And it’s also Cinco de Mayo, otherwise known as National Pour Tequila on Your Liver Day. So no posts until Monday. Also, if you’re planning on making sure your liver becomes an honorary Mexican tonight, please don’t get in your car afterwards. That would just be Cinco de Stupido.

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