Daily Earwig: Danzig – Devil’s Angels

Danzig, Devil’s Angels. From Danzig’s yet untitled upcoming all-cover record due out later this summer. Thanks to Jeff “Helltrack” Crazee for the jump on this one.

I’m hoping that Danzig’s new single, Devil’s Angels, is an indication that his soon to be released all-covers record will bring back the raw, angry misfit we all miss. Danzig says that his version of Devil’s Angels was inspired by the theme song by Jerry & The Portraits (noted incorrectly on the video above), featured in a pretty sweet bit of exploitation cinema, 1967 biker flick Devil’s Angels staring John Cassavetes. I haven’t made it through all of Devil’s Angels (it’s currently streaming on NetFlix if you’re interested), but I’ve dug what I’ve seen and heard so far. As far as I’m concerned, Danzig did the original fuzzy theme song proud.

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