The Very Metal Dolls Of Felt Alive

Lil’ Freddie Mercury doll by Felt Alive.

Behold the latest creation by very metal felt makers, Felt Alive, Lil’ Freddie Mercury. Felt Alive does something called “sculptural needle felting”, and is the brainchild of Oregon based artist Kay Petal.

Lil’ Bob Dylan by Felt Alive.

Lil’ Janis Joplin by Felt Alive.

Felt Alive also does custom felt dolls. Check out more at Felt Alive’s official site,  their Flickr Gallery and Etsy.

Via: Etsy.

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2 Responses to The Very Metal Dolls Of Felt Alive

  1. Are these felt dolls for sale? I love the Freddie Mercury doll

  2. By commission only. Here’s more information:

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