Steven Tyler’s #1 Fan. Surprise! It’s Not Me

Steven Tyler portrait by Jeepeeaero.

As you might imagine, I get a lot of email. In addition to the occasional compliment, I get a regular stream of looney messages from people trying to reach Steven Tyler or Steve Perry from Journey. Did I mention I love my job? Anyway, this one from reader/Dutch born artist/Steven Tyler super fan Jeepeeaero made my day. Specifically since it’s 4/20 and I can truly appreciate the images in her Steven Tyler portrait gallery to their fullest, trippiest extent.

Jeepeeaero’s entire Steven Tyler gallery can be seen, here.

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2 Responses to Steven Tyler’s #1 Fan. Surprise! It’s Not Me

  1. Why is Melissa Rivers coming out of that booze bottle?

  2. I’m not stoned enough to answer that question JC. I’ll have to try harder!

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