Happy Birthday Iggy! A Message Of Apprecition From Henry Rollins

Iggy Pop turns 65 today! Record Store Day 2012 ambassador, and the most punk rock senior citizen the world has ever known.

The King of Punk, Iggy Pop, turns 65 today. Instead of filling this page with 100 reasons why we should all appreciate Mr. Pop, I’ll let Henry Rollins do the talking. Below is one of my favorite passages from Rollins’ birthday message to Iggy (via the LA Weekly).

Iggy Pop, weatherer of many storms, maker of many mistakes, perpetrator of numerous victories and failures, has let it all hang out. The honesty is, at times, more than you want to deal with. The level of guts, genius and insanity that this requires is all his. Entire genres of music come and go, taking along with them their momentary heroes, some of whom survive only to bloat and have plastic surgeons cut away parts of their faces. Far more just become irrelevant, fade away or die. Iggy Pop was making records before they were born, and he is still here.

Click here to read the rest of Rollins’ birthday message to Iggy. It’s an homage worth a million in prizes.

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