GTFO: “It Came From Detroit” At The Grand Illusion

It Came From Detroit Official Trailer.

The great Grand Illusion Cinema brings yet another hard-hitting rock documentary to Seattle with the arrival of “It Came From Detroit“, a story about a scene very close to my punk rock heart. Here’s the press release direct from the GI:

IT CAME FROM DETROIT is the ultimate fan’s look at the city’s internationally renowned garage rock scene. Produced over five years, the documentary chronicles the scene before and after the spotlight that came to town as the White Stripes rose to fame. Starting with the hugely influential band The Gories in the 1980s, the bands of the garage scene are known for two things: an impeccable knowledge of the history of rock and roll and a raucous live show. IT CAME FROM DETROIT documents the evolution of the scene from underground obscurity to an international trend. As bands such as the White Stripes, The Von Bondies, and the Electric Six started to develop a following overseas, journalists around the world started to hype Detroit as “The Next Seattle”.

It Came From Detroit only runs through Wednesday, May 2nd. Remaining showtimes are today through Tuesday at 7 pm & 9 pm, and Wednesday at 9:00 pm only .

It Came From Detroit. 2009.

Via: The Grand Illusion.

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