Ace Frehley: “Paul Stanley Has The Lowest IQ Of All The Members Of Kiss”

I’m the smart one!

In an interview in the newest issue of Classic Rock Magazine, former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley said that Paul Stanley is the least intelligent member of Kiss. According to an IQ test the members took back in the day. Says Ace

Kiss once took an IQ test, and I was on top. I guess my brain was working good that morning – thank God for good genes. I think Paul got the lowest score. No, that didn’t surprise me. A frontman doesn’t have to be a genius, he just has to have the right moves.

Ace says he has an IQ of 163, and most people fall between the 70-130 range, which begs the question, why isn’t Ace one of the lifetime members of Mensa? But it’s not like I don’t agree with him. Especially after Stanley’s comments about Patti Smith earlier this week. Because anyone hates on Patti Smith is stupid. Duh. Unfortunately, just as I was applauding Frehey’s timely Stanley diss, Ace went on to detail his concern for the the upcoming End of the World Day on December 12th, 2012:

The sun has an 11-year cycle and it’s coming towards an end, so they’re expecting more sun-spot activity, solar winds and solar flares that could affect computers and power grids. Some planets are aligning, from what I understand, so that could cause an earthquake and severe weather. So a lot of crazy of things could happen.

Well, they don’t call him “Space Ace” for nothing!

Via: Classic Rock Magazine.

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