Very Meta Monday: Mick Jagger By Alexi Torres…

Mick Jagger by Alexi Torres. Oil on canvas. 2011.

Artist Alexi Torres has managed to create this image of Mick Jagger, in a way that no other artist has. Torres’ description of how he approaches his art is as deep as his images. Here’s the artist on how his appreciation of the Earth influences his painting:

My works are an answer to my own appreciation of Earth’s needs. I reconstruct iconic images that represent both classic and modern times from all branches of human development, including the arts, politics, science, education and military. I create this by changing the context of the initial forms into ecological, fragile, ephemeral and natural elements; leaves, weaving, feathers and other elements formed in nature. With each element carefully constructed, I create a new image.

You can see a huge gallery of Torres’ masterful work at his website, Alexi

Via: Juxtapoz

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