Mick Rock Iggy Pop Colored Vinyl Tin And Other Record Store Day 2012 Delights…

Iggy Pop tin by Mick Rock Collectables. Available in the EU but coming to the US for Record Store Day 2012.  

This sweet Iggy Pop Tin by Mick Rock will be available in the US for Record Store Day 2012. The very metal tin includes 128 page booklet of photos of Iggy by Mick Rock, captions and quotes from Pop, and a blue vinly 7″ recording of ‘Success’ and ‘The Passenger’. And if that’s not enough Iggy for you, Iggy & The Stooges live performance from All Tomorrow Parties in September, 2010 will also be available on a signed and numbered limited edition (1000 copies) Picture Disc.

The Vinyl Collective has published a pretty long list of this year’s RCD releases, as well as the excellent vinyl-phile’s, Wax Poetic. Here’s a few things I’m looking forward to blowing all my dough on this year…

  • Joey Ramone: “…ya, Know?”  …ya, Know? is Joey Ramone’s second solo record. Joey’s brother, musician Mickey Leigh, was the Executive Producer for the long overdue project. The albums tracks have only existed as rough tracks and demos, until now. A MUST for any Ramones fan. Also set for RCD release is a Joey Ramone 7″ with Rock ‘N’ Roll is the Answer b/w There’s Got To Be More To Life.
  • David Bowie Tin by Mick Rock: Comes complete with red 7″ vinyl featuring ‘Starman’ & ‘Suffragette City’.
  • The Clash –   London Calling 2012: 1979’s London Calling gets a 2012 re-mix and instrumental redux. Exclusive to RSD stores for only 4 weeks.
  • MC5/Afrika Bambaataa – Kick Out the Jams”. 7″ white with red splatter vinyl single. This 7″ gets coupled with a cover version from the pioneer of The Electro Funk Sound, Afrika Bambaataa.
  • Shabazz PalacesLive at KEXP. Shabazz’s stellar live performance at Seattle radio station KEXP has been captured on a 12″, limited to 2000 copies on light purple vinyl.
  • The Fall – Night of the Humerons 7″
  • Mclusky –  Mclusky Do Dallas. White vinyl LP limited to 1000 copies.
  • Brad – Waters Deep.  This RCD release includes the single Pressure is On, and unreleased b-sides from Brad’s latest album on Transparent 7″. Limited to 1000 copies only.
  • Eddie VedderLoveboat Captain/Wishlist 7″. Also, PJ guitarist Mike McCready kicks out some sweet jams with Star Anna on a 7″, with the tracks Keep On & Call Your Girlfriend. Limited to 300 copies only.
  • Buck OwensBuck Owens Coloring Book (originally commissioned by Owens in 1970) and flexi disc with 4 live tracks. According to Wax Poetic, the disc comes in either red, white or blue. The book is limited to 2500 copies.
  • Ozzy Osbourne  –  Believer (LIVE) b/w Goodbye to Romance. In a sweet homage to Randy Rhoads, this 7″ will be released on Polka Dot colored vinyl.
  • Misfits –  Walk Among Us.  In honor of its 30th anniversary, Walk Among Us gets a colored vinyl triple-play with 1250 copies on red vinyl, 1250 copies on blue vinyl, and 500 copies on clear vinyl.
  • The original soundtracks to Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club. Both come with a free poster.

Start saving your nickels! Record Store Day 2012 is only 31 days away. What will you be picking up?

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